Application Process

Contact the School Office to schedule a tour and meeting
• Family meets with Preschool Director /or  Principal
• Turn in application for enrollment
• Formal assessment by the classroom teacher
• Notified by the Preschool Director /or Principal of acceptance
• Payment of Registration Fee for school year to secure enrollment 

If you are applying for the first time, please fill out the application form.  Please understand that applications are accepted  if there are openings in the current school or you may apply after January 1st  for the next school year.   Preschool Three-Year-Old, Pre-Kindegarten Four-Year-Old,  and Kindergarten students may apply up to two years in advance of their enrollment date. 

Preschool Application Packet

School Age Application

Kindergarten Screening
Each spring, Concordia holds its screening for all upcoming kindergarten students who turn five years old on or before August 31st. On this day, the parents of new enrollees are asked to bring their children to school to meet the teachers and become acquainted with their future new surroundings.  The kindergarten teachers and Principal will meet with the parents and share Concordia’s Kindergarten Program with them.  During this time students will be screened (time approximately 1-1/2 hours).  Parents are also asked at this time to present to the office a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate and an up-to-date copy of the immunization record, and pay the registration fee.
Your child will be accepted into the Kindergarten program based on the following criteria:
  • Your child is screened and scores in the average to above average range.  (If your child scores in the potential problem area, this may be a sign your child is not working at the appropriate age level.)
  • Information provided by your child’s current preschool or day care teacher, i.e. A. Self-help skills, B. Social skills with other children and parents, C. Level of maturity, D. Self-motivation/self control, E. Cognitive skills, language skills, and motor skills.
  • Information provided by the parents and/or legal guardian.
  • That Concordia Lutheran School can best serve your child's academic, physical, and spiritual needs.
Then, based on this confidential screening and information provided, the Kindergarten teacher will make a recommendation as to where the child should be placed in the up-coming school year.  All recommendations will then be referred to the principal who will make the final decision.   This decision will be based on the best possible information available, screening scores, current teacher, kindergarten teacher, and parental input. 

Concordia Lutheran Day School follows a schedule of fees adopted by the Day School Board with consideration from Concordia Lutheran Church Council. This schedule takes several different groups into consideration and is closely managed to provide the maximum value to families that select Concordia for the education and growth of their children.

Schedule of Fees for 2017-2018

Schedule of Fees for 2018-2019


Scholarships are available for those with special financial needs. Concordia Christian Day School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in the awarding of any scholarships.  A Scholarship committee meeting in July to review all applicants for the upcoming school year.  More information regarding scholarship assistance may be obtained from the school office.

Scholarship Application



Concordia Summer Day Camp Programs are offered for Concordia students and others in the community children with a relax dress for the summer. The program is  has a registration fee and is available for five days, three days, or two days a week rate during the summer. When registering parents may pick the days they wish to attend over the summer. Once you have commitment to the programs schedule, you are required to pay if in attends or not. In emergency situations payment will be discussed with and determined by the Program Director. This program offers planned regularly scheduled activities for children at Concordia. Children bring their own lunch each day, on Fridays they order from local restaurants. The cost for this service is competitive with other programs run by the local school districts.


Preschool Summer Day Camp Program Application & Information


School Age Summer Day Camp Program Application & Information