Each Wednesday morning at 8:20 a.m., the students of Concordia assemble in the chapel for a special Children's Chapel Service.  The "sermonettes" (given by our pastor, teachers, and visiting pastors), hymns, and liturgy selected are especially designed to meet the needs and desires of the children.  Each class takes its turn in leading a Chapel Service. 

These services are designed to draw the children closer to their Lord and Savior and to strengthen their faith in Him as their only hope for salvation.  They demonstrate that worship is not just a Sunday experience for adults, but rather a vital part of school life and daily living.  Lessons and problems are presented that relate to the children's lives and offer counsel, guidance, comfort and strength to suit their needs.  They touch on the needs and problems of the hearer; on sin and grace; on faith and love; on justification and sanctification.  The offerings brought by the students to these services are used to help support various mission projects.  Each project is studied by the faculty and presented to the students in a way that creates motivation for “giving” to those who are less fortunate than they, both financially and spiritually. 

Parents are cordially invited to worship with the students and faculty at these Chapel services which generally last about 30-45 minutes.