Interesting Facts Continued

• Students in our eighth grade have the option of taking High School Algebra I, Spanish I and High School Physical Science. 

• Our eighth graders yearly have their poems published in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans.

 • Musical groups that include a beginning band for fifth grade, an advanced band for Grades 6-8, several  Middle School Handbell groups,  recorder instruction in grades 3 and 4, a middle school choir, and choirs in all grades Preschool 3 – Sixth grade.

• We have an extensive sports program for Grades 5-8 including volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, basketball, track, golf, and softball. 

 • Seventh and eighth grade classes alternate trips to Washington, DC and the Outer Banks.  Our sixth graders attend an Outdoor Education Camp at Camp Broadstone each fall.

• We have Christian Parenting Classes and parental support materials available.

• Our students receive computer instruction that includes web page design and PowerPoint instruction.  First graders are creating PowerPoint presentations.

• Spanish is taught in grades K-8.  Many of our graduates test out of Spanish I in high school.  

• We offer quality Summer Camp Programs for Preschool through age 12.