It's a Neighborhood Place

Concordia is a place where young minds are nurtured; where children are developed into young adults, prepared with the strength of Christian beliefs and fellowship to face the rigors of higher education and life.

The school's roots are deep and healthy. Concordia Christian Day School actually began with the founding of Concordia College in 1878.  As they started educating younger children, Concordia Lutheran Church took over the education of grades 1-8 in 1894. Concordia Lutheran Church is a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. In 1935 Concordia College closed after a fire destroyed the administration building, but the Elementary School remained open. 

Concordia has a long history of highly respected educators who are trained, certified, and experienced in the field of Christian Education. Concordia is recognized in the community for its academic and spiritual excellence and is an accredited school through the National Lutheran School Accreditation.  In 2010 Concordia was honored as an Exemplary Lutheran School by the National Lutheran School Accreditation leadership.  Concordia was one of five schools recognized out of over 2500 Lutheran schools in the United States.

Concordia's qualified teachers instruct their students in curriculum that is based in the Word of God and is designed to develop a child well-rounded and properly educated for the continuing course of study in high school. It is our belief that Christian Faith and academics are not segregated subjects. The influence of Christianity permeates and gives substance to all subjects taught at Concordia.

An exemplary academic foundation is received in all grades, pre-school through the eighth grade.  Concordia meets or exceeds the academic requirements of the State of North Carolina in all subjects.  Many of Concordia’s eighth graders test out of high school classes in Physical Science, Algebra I, and Spanish I.  

As you can see, Concordia is a special place where the torch of knowledge burns brightly alongside the cross of conviction. Concordia offers a fine education in an environment that is specifically and beautifully designed for the task at hand.


"Concordia, where it is never too soon to enrich children's minds and souls."