F.A.S.T  Track
F.A.S.T Track is a program designed for girls in 2nd-5th grade. This unique program is written and led by Kathy Unverfehrt. It’s an after-school program designed to help them learn how to better live a Christ centered life.  FAST stands for Faithfully Activating Spiritual Training. The girls get a chance to reach out and help people in the community.

Spanish Club
Spanish Club is for 6th-8th grade students who are interested in the Spanish language & Hispanic culture.  The Spanish Club encourages students to practice their Spanish outside of the classroom.  By providing opportunities to go out into the community, we are raising awareness of the significance of being bilingual. Students travel to local business, meeting native speakers and practicing their Spanish.  They also have the opportunity to learn about various countries from Native Guest Speakers, as well as participate in the Bridge Hispanic Mission, a ministry that is geared to reaching out to the Hispanic community.  It allows students to experience the Hispanic culture not just learn about from a book.

Science Fair
The National Science and Engineering Fairs provide an opportunity for students, 3rd-8th grades, who are interested in science and technology to pursue their personal areas of interest and to display their research as a presentation in a public competitive forum. The NC Science and Engineering Fair works to create enthusiasm in science and technology while encouraging project-based inquiry. This fair gives our students the chance to compete for college scholarships, awards, honors programs and other exciting prizes.

Lego League
LEGO League is a robotics program designed for students in 5th-8th grade who are excited about science and technology.  The team is composed of up to ten children with at least one adult coach. The students are given a global problem, such as food safety. To solve the issues related to the problem students build an autonomous robot, using the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot set to complete missions to solve problems. The program is designed to focus on problem solving and computer engineering programs.