About Our School

Concordia Lutheran Church and School is located in the heart of Conover, North Carolina.  Visible from Main Street, Concordia seeks to be a vibrant part of the community and provide a positive impact in Christian love and care.

Concordia Church and School is able to serve Conover in a number of ways, including: being host sight of the community’s annual “National Night Out” where much of the town’s population joins on the lawn for food, craft booths and kid’s activities.

In addition, each October, Concordia hosts “Trunk-or-Treat” where between 1200 to 1500 youth and adults stroll from open trunk to open trunk for candy, or enjoy giant blow-up bounce structures, while others sit-down for an old fashioned hamburger-hot dog cookout.

One of the long-standing contributions of Concordia has been providing excellence in Christian Education with a school that was begun on the church site in 1877.  Today Concordia Christian Day School enjoys an enrollment of 230 Students (Preschool- 8th Grade) and has been instrumental in the establishment of University Christian High School.

“At Concordia Christan Day School we strive to provide an environment where each student can grow in all areas to their potential.  We feel this is best accomplished in a school where Christ is the center of all we do. A school cannot be evaluated just by test scores in a few academic areas.   A school should be judged by what is accomplished in all the academic areas as well as the spiritual, social and aesthetical development of the students.  To accomplish this, Concordia offers athletic, music, computer instruction, drama, and  foreign language opportunities that are sometimes more extensive than what a child could experience in the  public schools. Our students want to be here because they know they are in a unique environment where they are safe, loved and challenged in all areas.”