Middle School

Concordia Christian Day Schools Middle School goal is to prepare our students to be successful in high school and college.  We want our students to be eligible to take Honors and AP classes in high school.  We focus on helping them improve their critical thinking skills and writing skills.  We have one Language Arts class each day that focuses on Literature and another class that focuses on Grammar and Writing Sills.  Our Math program offers leveled classes so each child can be successful.  Over 50% of our students are successful in passing High School Algebra I, now called Math I to reflect the new math standards.  We meet and exceed the Common Core Standards in Math.  In 2013 100% of our Math I students scored a Level 4 on the NC End of Course Test. 

Class Schedule
Concordia’s Middle School operates on an 8 period day.  All of the classes are year-long classes except Science, Social Studies and Elective Classes.  Science and Social Studies are 90 minute classes taught for one semester.  We found it was more effective for conducting Science labs and Social Studies discussions to have a 90 minute class. 

Middle School Electives
Each middle school student is required to take certain classes to graduate from Concordia. Each student is required to take at least two Spanish classes, one Art class, one Computer/Technology class, and two  years of Music classes (one of which needs to be Choir).  These are the minimum requirements to prepare students for High School. Successful completions of Spanish 3, available to 8th grade students, will gives the students credit for high school Spanish I.
Some classes are taught for only one semester such as Art, Technology/Computers, or Spanish.  PE, Study Skills, and all the music classes are all year long.  Semester classes are marked First Semester or Second Semester.  We tried our best to give each Middle School Student what they requested for electives. A seventh grader who took Art last year will take Technology this year, even if they requested Art. Seventh graders who took Technology last year will take Art the next year, regardless of what they requested.  Some classes are assigned based on the level of Spanish, other classes on the availability of the class.