iPad School

Technology has drastically changed the way people access information, communicate and solve problems.  It has also impacted the way we instruct the students and the need to teach our students how to effectively use this new technology. We presently do this for all students with a campus wide wireless internet, a computer lab, a distance learning lab, and a mobile cart of laptop computers. In addition each classroom offers student’s computers, iPads, Apple TV, and projectors as instructional tools. 

Having every student in the Middle School with their own iPad will allow our teachers to make their instruction more meaningful and help increase our students comprehension of the material. We feel that having iPads will make learning more engaged, provide more cooperative learning opportunities, teach in a way that gives immediate feedback, increase comprehension, and enable our students to be more active learners. Since the students will be using the technology to create reports, projects and presentations, they will be learning how to do that effectively and legally.  Most textbooks will be available on-line, which should reduce the weight of the bookbags carried home each night. 

iPads are subject to rules on how and when they can be used.  The iPads will be used in classes only when a teacher allows them to be used and they will not be used in all classes.  There is value in having students write things down to increase comprehension.  Certain apps are required.  The internet access for the iPads is filtered at school and all social media sites will be blocked.  Misuse of an iPad will be a discipline issue.  There will be leveled consequences and even iPads that are owned by the parents of a student may be taken away.  In these situations a parent would have to pick up the iPad from the Principal.  We strongly encourage parents to control the password for their child’s iPad and regularly review what is on your child’s iPad. There are several rules concerning the iPads that will be discussed in detail at the Parent Orientation in August.  You cannot have R-rated videos or movies on an iPad used at school.  You also cannot have any M rated games. We are concerned about legal issues dealing with videos and pictures used or taken.  

Parents may purchase an iPad for their child.  The parent is responsible for the content on the iPad as they have the password for installing apps, etc.  Another option parents have is to purchase an iPad for their child from Concordia and pay for it over the course of one year.  If the total cost is $400, the cost per month will be $40.  That amount per month will be determined when we order the iPads.   At the end of the year, the iPad belongs to the parents.  The parent is responsible for the content on the iPad as they have the password for installing apps, etc. Finally parents have the option to rent an iPad from Concordia for a monthly fee. At the end of the school year the iPad is returned to the school. The school controls the password for the iPad and only school required apps will be downloaded.  The school will purchase the iPad cover for these iPads.  In all cases the parents are responsible for the iPads.