Concordia Lunch Program provides a nutritious lunch every school day.   We view lunchtime as a learning experience in both proper diet and proper manners. Student and/or an adult lunch include a choice of entrees, up to three sides and a drink . A daily menu of lunches choices  is published each month.  Parents are invited and welcome to eat lunch with their children at any time.

Students in 2-8th Grade may purchase an additional entrée, a supplemental item or extra milk. The students may purchase a dessert or ice cream for an additional cost.  Children with significant allergies are asked to bring a note from their doctor explaining the special dietary needs.
Every effort is made to keep our prices as low as possible. You will find the cafeteria prices on the Schedule of Fees. 

Children may bring a packed lunch if they prefer. Parents are asked to provide a variety of foods at home for their children so that when presented with this variety at school, the children will be able to take in the full nourishment prepared for them.