Summer Day Camp Programs

Concordia Summer Day Camp Programs are offered for Concordia students and others in the community children with a relax dress for the summer. The program is  has a registration fee and is available for five days, three days, or two days a week rate during the summer. When registering parents may pick the days they wish to attend over the summer. Once you have commitment to the programs schedule, you are required to pay if in attends or not. In emergency situations payment will be discussed with and determined by the Program Director. This program offers planned regularly scheduled activities for children at Concordia. Children bring their own lunch each day, on Fridays they order from local restaurants. The cost for this service is competitive with other programs run by the local school districts.

The Preschool Summer Day Camp Program was started in the summer of 1997. It is offered to children beginning preschool three-year-old turning on or before August 31st through children entering Kindergarten in the fall. This program is run similar to our school year program. Each summer has a theme which is incorporated into the weekly activities. All students stay on campus for all activities. Included activities are crafts, water day, storytelling, movies, and cooking.


School Age
In 1987, Concordia Christian Day School began a program of Summer Day Camp.  Children must be beginning 1st grade in the fall through the age of 12 .  Included activities are swimming, arts and crafts, movie days, and weekly field trips to places of interest and enjoyment.