Our library presently holds over 8,000 books and a dozen periodicals.  All students have access to these library materials on a weekly basis.  An after-hour checkout program is also in place for all students and parents who wish to browse and take home books. Lessons about library usage are presented during library time to prepare students for high school and college research assignments.  Storytime programs are presented to younger grades to introduce the world of books and encourage reading for fun. Parents differ greatly on their opinions of reading materials. Books that may be appropriate for one student may not be for another.  Please talk to the librarian if you have specific preferences for your child or if you have questions about the suitability of a book for your student.

Concordia is one of the first parochial schools to create and build an e-library for its students.  The e-library, named the "C.E.L.L." or "Concordia E- Library Lair" is accessible to all students with iPads or other electronic devices. Students simply download the free "Follett Reader" application, obtain a password from the librarian and they can access a variety of fiction and non-fiction books through their e-readers.

Libraries are constantly growing with new books and materials, and funds are needed to process, catalog, repair and replace these books. The library is funded through generous donations and two yearly bookfairs. We encourage all parents to participate in these bookfairs which offer a great opportunity to support Concordia's library while building your children's book collection.

AR Store
At the end of each quarter of the school year the library rewards students who have met their Accelerated Reading goals.  Teachers determine which students have met their goals.  Students may then 'spend' their AR points on items in the store.  The AR store rewards qualified students for their commitment to reading while giving them a fun way to practice decision-making and math skills.  Donations to the AR store are greatly appreciated.

Birthday Books
Consider commemorating your child's birthday, favorite teacher, grandparents, etc by giving a gift that keeps on giving. Books may be donated to the library in your child's name (or anyone else's) by contacting the librarian with information about the type of book you wish to donate.  The book will be purchased and the child's name and birth date inscribed on the bookplate.  The book will then be added to our collection for all to enjoy.